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Jennifer Litz

Boho Life
CEO and Founder
Los Angeles, CA
Hey Everyone, Come chat with me... I love to meet new people! I'm a little addicted. :) I'm just starting my business BOHOLIFE.com where I help others Create Rich Wanderlust Lives & Businesses. I have worked with my family company in software development for 14 years and on the side focused on health, fitness, competing (running and fitness), business (online focused, bit of a geek!), self-help (at first for me and then for everyone else), have taken many courses (for fun, yup geek), certifications (just to learn)... to help my friends and families with their lives and businesses. I've now started my own business that focuses helping individuals that want a rich healthy life and want to explore/travel and really create a lifestyle that allows them to really live life and be free to travel at anytime. So that's a bit about me. I can't wait to learn more about you! Subscribe to my site so you know once it's launched www.boholife.com . I hope I can inspire you to book a flight and go somewhere new! Much love, Jenn